General Session “Finance” Ride Adventures

By David Cain, CSMFO Senior Advisor – Communications Committee and 2020 Host Committee Member & Harriet Commons – 2020 Conference Program Committee Member

The 2020 CSMFO Conference will have two General Session “Finance” E-Ride adventures for you to participate in and there will be no special fast pass required and no long line que to stand in. Your entrance to these two general session adventures is assured if you attend the 2020 CSMFO Annual Conference. 100% Guaranteed!

During the first general session we will focus on “It’s the Housing Supply, Stupid!” as we listen to Christopher Thornberg on Wednesday, January 29, from 3:30 to 4:45 pm. The ongoing handwringing about an impending recession and the recent volatility of financial markets stand in stark contrast to an economy that just keeps trucking along at 2.5% growth despite trade wars, a real estate slowdown, and the inverted yield curve. But all is not as well in the Golden State, where job and output growth have slowed to national averages after years of being far and away above those levels. The reason for the slowing is basic economics – a labor scarcity that leaves too many job openings in the state unfilled. That scarcity is, in turn, being largely driven by a lack of housing supply and, unfortunately, Governor Newsom has not secured even basic reforms to help expand supply. As such, next year will be even tougher for California businesses as they struggle to find the workers they need to take advantage of the otherwise robust U.S. economy.

Second we will focus on “Yesterday Is A Dream, But Tomorrow Is A Vision” as California State Treasurer Fiona Ma presents her views on what the State can do to address some of California’s most challenging issues: affordable housing, creation of good jobs, and protection of our environment. Fiona shares the same pursuit of excellence in the stewardship of the public’s resources and trust as does CSMFO. The infrastructure and services that are the backbone of California’s economy and communities depend on our collective commitment to seek out and employ the best practices in financial management. She will share what her office is doing to meet those goals and be an effective partner with CSMFO and its constituents. Your spot on this adventure is guaranteed on Thursday, January 30, 2020 from 4:00 pm to 5:15 pm.

David Cain is a member of the 2020 Annual Conference Host Committee & Senior Advisor – Communications Committee. Retired Director of Finance – Adjunct Professor CSUN & CSULB.

Harriet Commons, a CPA, is the retired Finance Director/Treasurer for the City of Fremont and is a consultant to support the CSMFO conference. She is a past CSMFO Board member, as well as past Chair of the Professional and Technical Standards Committee. Since her retirement, she was worked on special projects for Metrolink, Union Sanitary District, and Dublin San Ramon Services District, and she has continued to be an active CSMFO member, participating on both the Career Development Committee and the Annual Conference Program Committee.